Continuous improvements is what drives us

Development requires continuous improvement. And improvement requires taking action, being forward-looking, and seeing opportunities. Here at Ufab we are convinced of this, and it’s the very cornerstone of our offering to you, the customer.

With its roots in Uddevalla’s old shipbuilding industry, since it started up 45 years ago, Ufab has developed into one of Sweden’s foremost OEM suppliers and contract manufacturers of advanced components and machinery systems. We take on assignments from idea and product development through to series production and assembly. By taking on full responsibility, we help our customers all the way from the drawing board to final delivery. And as a company in the Mattson Group, we have a stable platform to operate from. Our modern production plants are located in Uddevalla and Shanghai.

Our quest for continuous improvement is the main driving force in all our work. We are always looking for smarter solutions that are faster, better and more environment-friendly to be able to deliver leaner and greener production for your business.

This driving force is exemplified in our brand promise – Always Improve.