Complex component or complete production.

UFAB is an OEM suppliers and contract manufacturers with fabrication facilities in Uddevalla in Sweden and Shanghai, China. Complex key components or turnkey production. You choose.


Our capacity extends as far as your product requires

With our own factories in Sweden and China, UFAB can offer fast and quality-assured contract manufacturing of components. Whether you are looking for individual components, ready-made kits, partial assembly, complete production or just service. Our many cutters, drilling rigs, carousel lathes and longitudinal lathes create lots of opportunities for you as a customer. UFAB also has its own measuring machines and tools for measuring the finished product, as well as the possibility of measuring during the process where necessary.

In addition to our own factories, UFAB has solid collaborations with foundries in Europe and Asia. Thus, UFAB can offer complete commitments regarding deliveries of processed castings, including the development of casting tools, prototypes and serial production.

We are also very proud of our delivery precision that we appropriately enough call “just in time”. This means that you don’t have to spare costly storage space for our units, because we deliver exactly when you need.

You don’t need to look further than UFAB. With us, the possibilities are endless.



Give us an idea and we’ll give you a product

UFAB offers unsurpassed expertise in cutting processing, manufacturing technology and measurement technology. With over 50 years of experience, UFAB can deliver the most complex machine details without compromising on quality and delivery time.
Our expertise includes surface treatment such as pickling, anodizing, electric polishing and wet painting, non-stick PFTE / Teflon treatment and vulcanization. We perform licensed welding in both stainless and alloy materials. Heat treatment takes place in our own ovens with temperatures up to 800 °.
In addition to all this cutting-edge expertise, UFAB employees are competent and passionate product developers. Our brand promise “Always Improve” is deeply rooted in everything we do. We take on all our assignments with the will and ambition to always improve and refine. To sum it up, we make really good stuff even better.



UFAB works with customers in a variety of industries: Packaging, medicine, offshore, automotive, aircraft and agricultural machinery. This is a wide range of fields with one thing in common, our assignments require precision – in their execution and in their delivery.


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