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UFAB always improve


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UFAB always improve


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UFAB always improve


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UFAB always improve


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We Celebrate International Women’s day

We Celebrate International Women’s day Today, March 8th, is the International Women’s day, this is how we are celebrating it on UFAB!     Vi firar Internationella Kvinnodagen Idag den 8 mars är det den Internationella kvinnodagen, så här firar vi det på UFAB.Read more

Engagement, delivery and improvement

Engagement, delivery and improvement The autumn and winter of 2017, will probably go to history as the busiest period UFAB…Read more

Tack Kennet!

Tack Kennet Wow, efter 47 år på UFAB tar Kennet Lindegren en välförtjänt pension! Sommaren 1970 sökt UFAB en ny…Read more

Tack Benny

  Tack Benny! Efter (bara) 40 år på UFAB, tar Benny Johnsson en välförtjänt pension! Våren 1977 började Benny på…Read more