Our way of working benefits you as customer

Quality control at UFAB aims to anticipate and avoid deviations in the products and services that we deliver. This is achieved in an open environment where both possible improvements and impediments are reported regularly, and where they are dealt with and solved systematically. Every reported deviation is seen as an opportunity for improvement of ourselves and our processes.

All our partners at all levels are committed in some way to the work, submitting reports, visualizing and implementing improvements and so on.

We regularly follow up our work methodology and give status reports to our partners to give everyone a sense of community and commitment which is a source of well-being and creativity in the workplace.

We take care of our environment in the same way, not simply satisfying ourselves with our certification but we draw up a road map and analyze what else we can do to produce our products and services in a more environmentally friendly way.

Based on these improvement procedures, we are convinced that we are moving towards ever more effective and greener production.

This policy means that we can always live up to our company slogan- Always Improve.