Service and renovation

Casting new life

UFAB has the competence and capacity to participate from start to finish. With over 50 years of experience in assembly and testing of machine systems, we also offer installation of the machine systems that are produced. Those who created the components also install them. UFAB is thus involved from the first drawing to manufacture, assembly and finally installation: without intermediaries. And as another step in our brand promise to”Always Improve”, we also offer service and renovation. Broken or worn components are refurbished and given new life: a process that provides savings both in your wallet and for the planet. One could say that the life cycle of the component is fulfilled.

Key benefits of renovation:

  • Extends life span of the products
  • Reduces environmental impact through reuse
  • Enables reach to a larger customer base

Key benefits of installation & service:

  • We offer high technical competence in our customers' products: the same fitters who built the machine also install it.
  • Shorter installation time through increased resource on-site


To us, difficult is easy

When it comes to competence, you can be completely confident that UFAB knows what it takes to succeed with advanced assembly. We have broad knowledge in bearing assembly, purity, fitting, adjustment, testing, electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical assembly such as gears and cams, electromechanical assembly such as motors connected to belts or controls and linear units. To name a few.

Another advantage is our extensive sourcing capabilities that keep costs down for our customers. We are logistically equipped and can plan the flow of materials from Sweden, and in our solid machinery we manufacture high-quality key components ourselves. The list of competencies at UFAB can be made long. The common denominator throughout the list is our promise to “Always Improve”, which makes an already good product even better.


Physically, mentally and financially

Imagine an area of 8000 m2 in the middle of Uddevalla’s old shipbuilding industry, where passionate employees at all levels deliver, day in and day out. At UFAB, we breathe our brand promise “Always Improve”. We are convinced that our promise improves not only your product, but also our work environment. A good and safe working environment creates good conditions for development and success, something we clearly see in our finished products.

Our 40 assembly technicians keep the large assembly surface clean and tidy. We more than welcome visitors to the facility. We’re soon-to-be proud owners of a clean room that gives us maximum control over the level of airborne particles, temperature, relative humidity, air flow and differentiated pressure. All to give our employees the best possible conditions to succeed with your product.

At UFAB, we are with you all the way, from idea to assembly, and beyond. We have the ability to lift your idea, and the capacity to lift up to 20 tons. When your units need to be overhauled, UFAB can once again be of assistance. We assist with service and renovation to ensure that the life of your components is extended. A service that benefits you, us and the environment.

As a company in the Mattsson Group, UFAB has a stable platform to operate from, which means that we can take on large assignments for customers who require working capital.

In short, UFAB has the capacity: physically, mentally and financially.


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Axel Herz
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