Capacity with few limitations 

Using our 50 years of experience in the field of sheet metal forming and welding, we can offer solutions to the most complicated sheet metal designs. Your product is manufactured in our sheet metal forming machines and assembled by our certified welders. The only restriction is that the product must weigh under 90 tonnes and not exceed 50 x 20 x 10 metres.

Cutting, folding and rolling are carried out in our welding hall. Over the years, we have worked with a many different steel grades, and we have Welding Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR) or a Welding Procedure Specification (EN 288) for most materials. Welding Procedure Specifications are an industry requirement and our expertise is constantly being extended with new procedures.  

For fabrication we use welding methods such as MAG, MIG, SAW and TIG. Our welders have competencies (EN 287) corresponding to the methods and procedures used.

High demands
UFAB is accredited by DNV according to ISO 3834-2, this verifies that we meet the requirements for competency and documentation. We can therefore secure the demands of our customers and the authorities to inspect welding using penetrating liquids, magnetic powders, ultra-sound and x-rays.

The above fundamentals means that we can live up to our company slogan – Always Improve.

UFAB’s sheet metal forming and welding capacity


Methoods: MAG, MIG, TIG, SAW
Materials: Steel, stainless, duplex, cast iron
Size: up to 90 tonnes and 50x20x10 metres
Thickness: 2-60 mm

Specialised in stainless steel

We particularly want to highlight our capacity regarding the welding and machining of stainless steel. We are proud to be able to supply highly complex stainless steel components. While it is a useful material it also imposes demands on machining and welding. Like all steel grades, it needs to be handled correctly, and this is where our extensive experience is crucial. Our Welding Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR) or Welding Procedure Specifications (EN 288) for the vast majority of materials are dependable proof of our expertise.

The many advantages of stainless steel
Stainless steel has many advantages. Low weight combined with high strength, resistance to corrosion and external influences and a smooth surface that is easy to maintain and clean. Stainless steel is also resistant to vibration and operates at both low and high temperatures.

What challenges do you have in sheet metal and welding?

"We have little own capacity and cannot deliver to the extent the market demands"

Outsource the most complicated products to us. Through 50 years of experience and innovation in manufacturing and welding, UFAB can supply complex products based on demand.

"Our own heat treatment capacity is not sufficient and we do not want to invest in our own equipment"

It is of course a great investment to make and UFAB can offer you the possibility of outsourcing heat treatment with two own heat treatment furnaces. We are one of few suppliers in Sweden who can offer the service and this shortens lead times significantly.

"We have exacting demands when it comes to excellence and it is hard to find competent suppliers"

UFAB offers certified welding in materials such as stainless steel and duplex. Our welders handle several methods, including MAG, MIG, TIG and SAW. The only limitations are that the component weighs under 90 tonnes and does not exceed 50 metres.

"We are looking for a qualified supplier for the manufacture of key components and want to outsource a complete product"

UFAB offers the fabrication of key components as a first step in eventually allowing you to outsource the complete product to us. In UFAB you will have a partner that is active in continuous improvement and that is always close at hand.

"We need a supplier that can form and weld large, complex items in stainless steel"

At UFAB we are experts in complex items, both large and small. Extensive expertise and a range of jigs guarantee the end result, and it goes without saying that we can work from drawings.

"I want to form and weld in cast iron and I have stick welding and filler wire requirements"

Our welders can form and weld in cast iron. We have the capacity to handle complex, heavy items with stick welding and filler wire requirements. Naturally you can feel secure in the quality of our welded joints. A range of jigs and extensive expertise mean that we can offer customers continuous improvement.

"We are looking for a supplier for contract welding"

UFAB has many years’ experience of contract welding. Our working methods guarantee efficiency and consistent quality. We use, and have a great deal of experience of various jig solutions, and we have an extensive network from which we source materials. Factors that are crucial for contract work and time critical delivery.

Customers on land, at sea and in the air

UFAB works with customers in a variety of industries. Packaging, medicine, offshore, automotive, aircraft and agricultural machinery. This is a wide range of fields with one thing in common, our assignments require precision – in their execution and in their delivery.

Continuous improvement

We work with industries that do not accept mistakes. This places exacting design and delivery demands on us as a supplier. Needless to say, this is in line with our ambition to be Sweden’s foremost system supplier and contract manufacturer. In our work we use our AIM approach to achieve this. This approach helps us stay focused on continuously developing and improving our work process, from a resource, cost and, of course, environmental perspective, allowing for a more efficient and greener production.

Quality and measurement
Quality control and measurement are a natural part of our delivery process. During new production, we inspect 100% of the goods. We have measuring rooms in which the temperature and the measuring machine are calibrated for exact results. To measure large components, we use a portable Hexagon ROMER arm.


I will be happy to tell you more about our sheet metal forming and welding capacity. Enter your contact details here or contact me directly.

Mathias Bothén
+46 522-982 02

Sheet metal and welding with small restrictions


I will be happy to tell you more about our sheet metal forming and welding capacity. Enter your contact details here or contact me directly.

Mathias Bothén
+46 522-982 02



With experienced CAD design and production in-house, we can easily take your idea from drawing to production and get samples and prototypes back to you rapidly. Working closely with customers enables continuous improvement and guarantees the quality of the finished product.




Our extensive experience in the field means that we can offer solutions to the most complicated sheet metal designs. Your product is manufactured in our sheet metal forming machines and assembled by our certified welders.



Small high volume components or large and complex components. Our machine park can machine materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Together with our subcontractors, we can offer you end-to-end solutions and short lead times.



With flexibility and expertise, we assemble both complete machines and subsystems. In large takted flows or smaller series. The assembly can be part of a complete production process or as a separate service.



With over 30 years of experience, UFAB has developed an efficient supply chain that guarantees the right items, at the right time, and at the right price. We can help customers consolidate volumes and thereby reduce costs. We can also function as a supermarket for a wide selection of components.




Complex key components or turnkey production. You choose. Our capabilities cover many methods, materials and formats. To help us we have a finely-tuned organisation, efficient workplaces and a well-maintained machine park.BB

Sheet metal and welding with small restrictions

Mathias Bothén
+46 522-982 02

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