In June, UFAB China was awarded ISO 9001 certification. Certification is evidence that we continuously improve our business activities to meet the needs of our customers.



– This is something we have been working on for a while, and it feels great to have brought it to a successful conclusion, says Per Ohlsson, CEO of UFAB China.
A management system reflects the processes and procedures that govern a business. It encompasses the entire organisation; from the management team to the individual employee, and the entire operation from initial contact with a customer to avoiding downtime. The ISO 9001 quality management system standard is the most widely used globally, and certification is proof that UFAB China has met its exacting demands.
– Employees are the most important factor in certification work, and it is the efforts of the team, led by our Quality Manager Chris Ma, which have made it possible.


The many benefits of ISO 9001
– Not only is certification often a customer requirement. It also provides us with the potential to streamline the business, undertake quality assurance and make cost savings. It is also evidence that we work systematically, preventively and with fewer misunderstandings, wholly in line with our working method, says Per Ohlsson.


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