At UFAB, which assembles and tests outboard motors for the OXE brand. Powerful, with a lower consumption and designed to last for 10,000 hours, the motors are used under extreme conditions within the marine industry, which places high requirements on both manufacture and assembly.

UFAB och Cimco

“OXE Diesel is the first outboard built for a commercial market by professionals within the marine industry. They are made to enable safe use under tough conditions, 365 days of the year,” says Pim Polesie, Marketing Manager at Cimco.

What makes OXE unique is that it is a diesel engine, completely modular and built to last for 10,000 hours, moreover, they have a consumption that is 40 per cent lower than the competitors. The complexity and the tough conditions in which the boat motors are used places high requirements on both manufacture and assembly. With those requirements and a desire to have a Swedish supplier, Cimco and UFAB initiated a collaboration which has been in place since 2015/2016. Cimco supplies the parts which UFAB assembles and tests.

Constant development
“I have been involved in the assembly from the start of the collaboration, so there have been around 500 motors during these years,” reports Nermin Hadzic, fitter at UFAB.
Assembled and tested engines arrive at Nermin’s station, he then performs final assembly and packs them for delivery.
“My work starts with the casing, which has to be insulated and stickers applied.” The electrics are then connected and the product is finished.


Some 12 fitters work on OXE at UFAB. It is a close collaboration with completed work checked by another colleague.
“Furthermore, we have a close collaboration with Cimco, which makes regular visits. Right now we are familiarising ourselves with a new program. It is a constant learning process as the products are under development, which means that both drawings and instruction manual are updated,” says Nermin Hadzic.


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