When new products are developed, manufactured and enter the market, the process usually occurs over a number of different stages. The process is called the product life-cycle and shows, concisely, how a product develops in the market over time.

We have learnt through experience how the different stages can best be managed. With talented CAD designers, machinists and fitters, UFAB helps you as a customer throughout the product life-cycle. During the initial production stage, the product becomes a pre-series and then a series, often from the early prototype. When the product reaches the market for the first time, it enters the so-called introductory stage. However, the work does not stop when the product reaches the market, quite the opposite. Next come the growth stage and the maturity stage, and this is where there is opportunity for continuous improvement, further product development, quality improvements, and new functions. The more a product can be developed, kept up to date and find new markets, the better it stacks up against the competition. During the maturity stage and the subsequent and final decline stage, issues relating to phasing out and the supply of spare parts are often highly relevant, and this is also something that UFAB can help with.

Expertise and constant focus
The development of new ideas and products requires expertise as well as an understanding of customer needs and market conditions. But above all, it requires a focus on quality, cost and time.