UFAB Shanghai has added a new wire electrical discharge machine to its line-up. The reason for this investment is customer demand for high precision, a demand easily met by this machine which offers a margin of error of five thousandths.

“A wire EDM cuts through material with great precision. It produces precision components with a very pleasing finish and a surface precision of RA 0.8,” says Per Ohlsson, Plant Manager at UFAB Shanghai.
A wire EDM is used for machining various components made from materials such as stainless steel. UFAB Shanghai also chose an option that enables aluminium to be machined as well.
“We’ve noticed demand from our customers for components with strict precision requirements that can’t be fulfilled using other methods. The machine has been in use for a couple of weeks now with good results.”

A machine with multiple advantages
Like the other machines in UFAB Shanghai’s line-up, the wire EDM is used to machine products with smaller surface areas. It can machine pieces measuring 450 x 250 x 150 mm. Since the wire can be angled by as much as 10°, angled machining is also possible.
“The precision and the extremely low margin of error are the machine’s greatest advantages. It has an error margin of five thousandths. That’s the same as splitting a hair lengthways eight times,” says Ohlsson.