In order to increase capacity and fulfil new assignments, UFAB Shanghai has invested in two vertical milling machines.

“The machines were delivered on the last Sunday of March, and were in operation just three days later,” explains Per Ohlsson, General Manager at UFAB in Shanghai.
The equipment comprises two new vertical milling machines made by Mazak: one standard vertical mill and one larger 4-axis vertical mill. The rapid installation was made easier by the fact that the machines are of the same brand and use the same control system as the rest of the machinery at the facility. The staff are very familiar with the control system, which resulted in an extremely short start-up time.
“The investment fits in with the wide range of articles we produce. In addition, UFAB as a group has entered into a business which means that we need more capacity. We can handle the new deal we have won, as well as growing with new, additional customers.
UFAB can run most items through the milling machines, and we can cope with articles up to a metre in length and 500 mm in width. The investment is not only increasing our capacity – investing in modern equipment also safeguards our operation.”

A positive year
UFAB Shanghai has enjoyed a positive and eventful year. The previous move to a new address was also a way of increasing capacity with suitable premises in which to grow.
“I really want to call attention to the team over here. We are a strong, skilled group that has been working together for a long time now. It is precisely this continuity and composition that has brought us to where we are today,” says Per Ohlsson.


Technical specification

Milling Machine (Vertical) Mazak VCN 530 L
Size X: 1050 mm Y: 530 mm Z: 510 mm, 4-axis (Rotary Table)

Milling Machine (Vertical) Mazak VCN 430B
Size X: 762 mm Y: 430 mm Z: 510 mm