Engagement, delivery and improvement

The autumn and winter of 2017, will probably go to history as the busiest period UFAB has undergone during its 50-year lifespan. Orders received were 250% above the budget expectations and that’s great, but to manage all the deliveries to our customers, it has required a lot of overtime and commitment from our talented employees.

The start of 2018 has been calmer since one of our customers, in the packaging industry, changed their delivery pace temporarily, which meant that we have had an opportunity for recovery. We have taken advantage of the time, by spending the extra time, on different improvement activities and at the same time, a group of our employees requested visiting one of our customers. The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences in the customer’s production environment, which gave positive results in several improvement activities.

Our quest for continuous improvement is the main driving force in all our work. We are always looking for smarter solutions that are faster, better and more environment-friendly to be able to deliver leaner and greener production for your business. This driving force is exemplified in our brand promise – Always Improve.

The visit was highly appreciated by our client and even more so by our own employees.