Sheet metal and welding with small restrictions

Thanks to our long experience, we can offer you, our customer, solutions for the most complicated sheet metal constructions. Your product will be manufactured in our sheet metal forming machines and assembled by our qualified welders. The only limit is that your product must weigh less than 90 mt and not exceed 50 x 20 x 10 meter.

Cutting, folding and rolling are carried out by our machines. We work with many different types of steel and have WPQR (EN 288) for most materials and the number of WPQRs is constantly on the increase. We use several welding techniques such as MAG, MIG, SAW, TIG etc. and our welders are skilled (EN 287) in those methods and procedures that we use.

As for accreditation, we have passed the DNV audit for ISO 3834-2 which verifies that we meet standards of competence and documentation. We are therefore able to check welding with penetrating liquids, magnetic powders, ultra-sound and x-rays for our customers or the authorities.

This policy means that we can always live up to our company slogan – Always Improve.