Väderstad Strip Drill

How we helped Väderstad AB from idea to delivery in six weeks

When Väderstad AB needed to launch a Strip Drill that only existed on paper and had six weeks to do it, we took the challenge. Admittedly there were times when it seemed uncertain if we would be able to pull it off, but in the end it worked brilliantly thanks to joint efforts.


“… we decided to take it to market 20 weeks earlier than originally intended.”

Thomas Svensson, Purchase, Väderstad AB


Our mission:

  • Streamline the design
  • Ensure the quality of each component
  • Optimise the production line
  • Minimise approximate manufacturing costs
  • Deliver in time for the unveiling


Väderstad AB

The demand for our new Strip Drill was so high we decided to take it to market 20 weeks earlier than originally intended. That’s a very tall order and UFABs openness and readiness to constructive dialogue was something I valued tremendously. They were an important part of lowering the manufacturing cost enough for the market we were targetting. We actually sold twice as many machines as projected in the first year.

Thomas Svensson, Purchase, Väderstad AB

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From our perspective

The intense time pressure made creative thinking and flexibility our top priorities. We managed to streamline the design, shorten lead times through parallell efforts, lower the manufacturing costs and make the entire process ecologically viable. The success was down to the amazing cooperation with Väderstad, this could never have been done in a vacuum.

Jonas Eriksson, Production Engineer, UFAB


New product to the market in six weeks
icon-budget Cost reduction through production adaptation of design
icon-resources Add resource to the project team to manage the launch

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